Winter Spire: Sorceress of Lust

by Anya Merchant

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Felix Honlan came to the small Alaskan town of North Spire expecting to take a couple of interesting photos and be on his way within the week. After all, it was little more than a remote outpost in the far north, a place so singular in purpose that all of its 300 or so inhabitants lived in a single ten story tall tower, the “spire” from which it took its name.

Within hours of arriving, Felix discovers that the town is a supernatural playground. After being taken in by a host family consisting of a talented sorceress specializing in the magic of lust and a flirtatious eighteen year old teenybopper, he finds himself courting temptation and trouble.

There’s evil afoot in North Spire, and Felix is going to have a very hard and intense time putting a stop to it.