ROUGH DEMON EROTICA: Bound and Pounded by the Zealot Priest and Succubi Nuns

by BJ Rebel

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"You're pregnant."The news hits Chastity like a ton of bricks. Waking up in a hospital, thirsty as hell and handcuffed to a bed, only to learn she's been knocked up by a demon cop is almost too much to bear. A priest and two sexy nuns push Chastity towards abortion (do they know about the demon?), but she decides to carry the Demon Lord's bastard to term.The priest has other ideas. He's a raving zealot, and he and his nuns are armed with big black holy implements, ready to probe deep into Chastity's body and soul to cleanse her of the demon spawn, whether she cooperates or not!Strapped to the bed, will Chastity be able to stop the holy trinity? Will she even survive the ordeal?Bound and Pounded by the Zealot Priest and Succubi Nuns continues the gritty, hard pounding sexual horror show that began with Bent Over the Limit: Cuffed and Stuffed Full by the Demon Cop. Its depiction of a priest and nuns behaving badly with a bound woman is raw, hot, and hard, and certainly not for the feint of heart.