Everlasting Life

by William Mize

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St. Petersburg, Florida -- Home of the newly wed and nearly dead, so the joke goes.But what about the undead? Could there be vampires in the Sunshine State? After being raised in a mental institution, psychic Denton Ward has issues. When lawyer Nicholas Shanley collapses while arguing the most important case of his life, Denton learns that he is dying of AIDS. He must overcome his fear of abandonment, his fear of losing his good friend. He must break out of his self-imposed prison and learn to care for others. Denton's partner, Private Investigator Monty Crocetti is reunited with a long lost friend, but that reunion is cut short when her friend is killed right before her very eyes. Five bullets from Monty's .357 do no damage whatsoever, and the murderer escapes by jumping out a third story apartment window. The vampire vows to hunt and kill anyone who dares investigate their secret world. A world filled with seduction, with power, with life, with death, with blood.