Going A Little Too Far: An Erotic, Oddball, Wife-sharing Novel

by KT Morrison

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You couldn’t picture a sweeter couple than Troy and Emma.Troy’s a former Division One college wrestler. A walking water park at two-sixty-five, with shoulders no woman could get her arms around and a set of abs you could scrub laundry on.Emma’s a sweet little Georgia Peach. Pretty as can be in her proper dresses; she’s a good girl from a good family that raised her right.You couldn’t tell by looking at them that they were two straight-up freaks that loved to push each other’s kinky buttons.Emma, with all her book club shyness, loves to be man-handled, loves to be lifted off her feet and dominated. Troy is a monster with a six-hundred-fifty pound deadlift and she's like a feather in his arms.Troy likes to be humiliated. He knows he doesn't have much 'down there' and he likes his virginal wife to tell him he's no good and she’d have to get what she wanted elsewhere.Couple of closet freaks.A summer housewarming party on a scorching hot West Texas day puts a gift in their lap. A big, larger-than-life playtoy for Emma to tease her husband with. He wants her to. She wants to do it. But once it starts, where do you stop? What’s going too far?This book contains quite graphic descriptions of sex and humiliation (between two consenting and loving married folks), and is not for anyone under 21 years old.