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Obsessed: Book One of an erotic hotwife suspense series

KT Morrison

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This book collects the first three novelettes of the Obsessed series. It contains Kobra Khan, The Concept, and Songbird.

Finch is his online name. His nighttime name. The one he uses on a site that puts him in touch with couples looking for a bull just like him.

By day he is Atticus Hawke. You might have heard of him.

You know the song from the eighties, ‘Going With That Girl’? No? You’d know it if you heard it. That was Atticus' dad, Ricky Hawke. Yes, that Ricky Hawke. Now you know. Made a bunch of singer-songwriter hits in a time when all the kids wanted pop coming out of synthesizers and their stars to be pretty boys and have colourful hair. Ricky had real talent.

So does Atticus. One of L.A.’s hottest emerging Modern artists, his work commands a fortune. But it pales against his enormous trust fund.

These days his real work is done at night. His masterpieces. That’s where his passion is. Watching and participating in intense psychological dramas in dark hotel rooms across the city.

He gives women what they want. They’re a canvas, a medium. His audience: their husband.

But when a chance hookup puts the girl of his dreams in his arms he becomes obsessed.

She’s married. Married to a small sweet country boy who loves her dearly. Could he take her as his own? Could he look in that boy’s eyes and take away the thing he most loves? Slowly plunge a dagger through his heart and watch him die...

Obsession is part one of a suspense story about high stakes sex and discipline and humiliation. A dark illicit romance. A forbidden romance.

Dark Erotica Erotic Romance
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