Beautiful Imperfection

by Heather Guimond

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**This is book three in a four-part series. It is NOT a stand-alone. In order to achieve maximum enjoyment, it is strongly recommended that you read Shattered Perfection and Fighting Perfection first.**

As Mimi struggles to recover from injuries sustained during a harrowing flight to Mexico and to carry on with her life after James’ deployment, she finds herself plunged into a drug dependency that leads to problems in her day to day life.
Undergoing a rapid personality shift, she pulls away from her friends and seeks companionship with a new person in her life, handsome bad-boy, Vince. He helps her keep her mind off of James but influences her to plunge deeper into a dark world filled with casual sex, excessive partying and startling recreational drug use.
Her life in tatters, she falls into her previous habit of denial and rejects all efforts to help her. Will she wake up and realize the harm she is doing to herself and everyone who loves her? Will she be able to acknowledge and beat what rapidly becomes an addiction? Only Mimi knows for sure.

**This book contains adult language and graphic sexual content. It is intended for readers age 18+.**