My name is Hunter, and I’m a US Marshal being sent to act as bodyguard to a judge’s daughter after she was attacked in her own home.I work best undercover so I can’t understand why I’m the one chosen for this babysitting gig, until I see her that is, and I just know that I’m going to be the one to tame this wildcat!~*~*~*~Why my father suddenly thinks I need a bodyguard, when he told me the attack last night was by some random burglar who I caught off guard by being home, is any ones guess.But when I meet the guy sent to protect me, my hormones start getting in the way. Not only is he twelve years my senior, but he is an arrogant ass!I’m Gia, and this is my story….~*~*~*~This is a 25,000 word Novella to introduce a new series starting soon. It has a HEA ending, as do all my books. The last 17% is made up of Chapter One from Seduce, Sizzle and Educate Me.Suitable reading age 18+ due to the sexual content.