Remembrance Book

by Anna K Payne

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Are you troubled? Connect with God and find peace.

As a mother of three school-aged children, I felt as though I lived in my car. I struggled to be on time. I tried to hold myself together. Too many rules interfered with my life at home and work.

I created this book of verses to help me maintain my conscious contact with God. He is my source of comfort and peace. Reading these verses help me keep a smile on my face even in traffic.

I offer them to you to apply God’s promises in your life right now!

You can:
- Know you are not alone.
- Trust God with every moment of your life.
- Personalize this book and make a record of God’s change in your life.
- Meditate on each promise and measure your thoughts.
- Gain a living faith.

Remembrance Book is a tiny devotional with timeless promises to inspire you with hope. Each of the thirty verses briefly share faith thoughts which have encouraged Anna K Payne.

Personalize Remembrance Book and start your own collection of promises to live by!