Love & Pain

by R. W. Patton

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An Epic Novel of Love, Politics, Sex, & War in a Post-Apocalyptic World.

With the help of her protectors, Bellona narrowly escapes from the Legate who stole everything from her after the death of her father, the first King of Nova Roma. The Legate now wears the laurel wreath of the King and controls her father’s army, and her only means of survival is to hide from his sadistic reach. But with the Tennessee Valley on the verge of falling into her enemy’s hands, she knows she must gain control of the dams before he does. If there is to be a future the next generations, Bellona must find a way to defeat the Legate and create order and structure amid the legacy of lawlessness and chaos The Virus left behind.

Martius—her lover, protector, and teacher shields her from their enemies and struggles to keep the willful woman safe while he plans for the time when they can strike down their enemy and take back what is rightfully hers.

Together, they gather allies and lay the foundations for a new society, a better society. A society where their descendants can live without fear. But nothing ever comes easy. Sacrifices must be made and lives could be lost. Because where there is love, there is always pain.

Discover R.W. Patton's novel Love & Pain. A dystopian tale where enemies become allies and where the line between good and evil isn't always clear.