Crown of the Gods: A Romantic Fantasy

by Reese Patton

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Three women. Two Conspiracies. One Crown.

In a world where immortals walk among man, holding rule over the land and the people. A prophesy foretells the birth of a new age, one where man must live without the grace and capriciousness of the gods, but it also foretells the coming of the three from another world to usher in the death of the old age.

Jares has no interest in the prophesy or his younger brother’s Calling of the three. The tedium of an immortal existence broken up by brief dalliances with the occasional mortals, is the only reason he agreed to assist his brother and help guide the warrior along her path.

But when Adelia lands in front of him, he finds a new diversion—one he isn’t supposed to be interested in. Adelia’s determination, wit, and brilliance distracts Jares from his assigned task, to his brother’s annoyance. Ignoring the warnings, he pursues Adelia, hoping to abate his attraction to her until he realizes he wants much more from Adelia. But to have it, he will have to relinquish his carefully cultivated indifference.

Adelia, one of the three, is Called to the land by youngest immortal. In the cloistered life she leads in the Estate, she learns of the lands and the people from books and lectures. Even the Gods can’t keep her safe from those who would see her destroyed—a conniving queen, an envious acolyte, and a vindictive Goddess. But negotiating the perils of diplomacy aren’t the only risks she faces. A future wearing the Crown of the Gods isn’t enough for Adelia. She wants the one man who can’t give her what she wants most.

Set in a lush world of fallible gods, uncertain prophesies, and unscrupulous nobility, Crown of the Gods is a fantasy novel of romance, lavishness, and intrigue. Discover the tale of one woman’s destiny to become the Crown of the Gods.