Werebear On Fire

by Leslie Price

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Piper wakes up in an inferno of fire and smoke. Injured and terrified she fears that this will be her end.
But just as she is about to pass out, a man appears and lifts her up in his strong arms.

Marcus is your ordinary, friendly firefighter. Except that he´s not. He´s a Werebear, with the strenght of ten men.
He just saved Piper from that burning inferno, and he´s already fallen in love in her curvy body and beutiful face.

Dennis is a mean, abusive, drunk asshole of a man. He also happends to be Piper´s ex-boyfriend.
He wants her back, and if she refuse, he wants her dead.

This is a steamy paranormal short story, with no cliffhanger and a (hot) happy ending.