Fighting Perfection

by Heather Guimond

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**This book is not a stand alone. For full appreciation of the story, it is advised that one reads Shattered Perfection first.**

In Shattered Perfection, Mimi Ashcroft faced the most devastating events in her life. Broken beyond belief, she struggles to find the will to go on. The love of a dear friend helps her to find her way and heal from her loss.

In Fighting Perfection, Mimi Ashcroft is finally getting on with her life: a new, positive outlook, a new career path and a potential new love in her life. Unexpectedly, she finds herself caught between the affections of a dear friend and a compelling, sexy pilot. Unready to choose, Mimi battles with herself over and over again about the moral dilemma of having feelings for two men at the same time. Whom should she choose? Does she have to? Suddenly, in the form of a new friend, Mimi finds that someone may be willing to go to extreme, sinister lengths to choose for her.

**This book contains explicit content and is not recommended for readers under the age of 18.**