Raw Seduction Series: Seducing Jenna, Owning Jenna, Sharing Jenna

by Ayva Starr

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Follow Jenna on a journey of seduction and submission as she gives in to Thomas' twisted desire. Jenna finds herself being seduced in to Thomas' world of darkness and dominance.

Three erotic stories about seduction, Sadism, Submission, lust and more.

Seducing Jenna

His eyes watched me. I could feel the uncontrollable urge power through me. The deviant pleasure aroused me from somewhere deep within. My body trembled from his sweet touch.

Curiosity sparks within Jenna as she finds herself at a high class BDSM club. Intrigued by what her eyes had seen, Jenna realises something about the sadistic pleasure aroused her beyond measure. She loses herself as a deliciously dark, handsome and slight scary man takes her on an emotional, physical, sexual experience as he seduces her into his world.

Owning Jenna

My entire body succumbed to the ecstasy as it filled me completely. The raw, swollen flesh danced with excitement as he snapped the leather against me one more time.

Jenna becomes more and more intrigued by the idea of becoming submissive. She frequented The Hub every night, since Thomas, hoping to catch him again. Each night she sat back and watched the sadistic men as they took each women and enveloped them in their repugnant control, it aroused Jenna to a point where she had never felt so overwhelmed. She meets Thomas again a few nights later. The rich power of seduction, control, submission and lust come flowing back as Jenna reunites with the sadistic man, who introduced her to his world.

Sharing Jenna

They seduced me, fucked me and shared me. All night my body was used for their pleasure. I felt exhausted, used and horny. My body was filled with desire by these two, sexy men.

Jenna returns to her new fond lover, Thomas. Once again, sharing their third erotic fling. But this time Jenna isn't just seduced by one man, she is taken by two. In Sharing Jenna, the title says it all as Jenna is shared between the two sadistic men as they take turns filling Jenna with desire, lust, ecstasy. Follow Jenna through her twisted romance and explore her fantasies as if they were your own.