You're the One That I Want

by Kay Simone

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"Well, hello darlin' and how do you do?"Bartender-turned-tutor Theo is struggling to make ends meet in Orlando. He refuses to go back to Jersey with his tail between his legs after a breakup and a failed business venture. With his nose to the grindstone, Theo finds himself sticking to the periphery of social life — and he’s comfortable out of the spotlight."I was startin' to reckon you were only a dream, so I'm pleased as punch you finally decided to arrive."But his weeks are punctuated by an unlikely performance that he finds himself looking forward to more and more…"That… y'know that is one hell of a pickup line," Theo says. "I've got to offer you props for the originality, at least."Enter Jeff: the swaggering, tattooed, 50’s-obsessed frontman of an oldies cover band, Tone Jeff. The only thing Jeff loves more than bare-knuckles brawling and impersonating Elvis on Friday nights is Theo, but his come-ons keep coming up cold."Pickup line? Now don't be cruel, bright eyes, this is serious stuff. We're talkin' love at first sight, heavenly light and choruses of angels — I'm wounded you'd reduce your future heartthrob to a pickup line."Between black eyes and bottom shelf bourbons, Jeff tries his hardest to win over the bartender. But the leather-clad flirt can’t seem to convince Theo he’s more than just talk — no matter how many songs he dedicates to the one he loves.Theo knows a package so pretty is too good to be true. After Jeff crosses a line with his advances, Theo doesn’t know if he’s more scared of being a one-night fling or a long term thing.But just when Theo thinks he may be ready to enter the whirlwind world of lovers lanes and sock hops, he realizes that they might end with a fizzle instead of a bang.Jeff might be The One. He said he’d wait forever — but has Theo kept him waiting too long?(You’re the One That I Want is a standalone, low-heat m/m love story with a happily ever after ending and two free explicit bonus scenes for newsletter subscribers.)