Demon Within

by Julie Nicholls

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Do you want a story you can't put down? Filled with plots, secrets, and characters you’ll fall in love with together with sizzling steamy bedroom scenes?Demon Within should be on your ‘to-read’ list. WHY? Because it has all of the above.A former slave who is now a feared warlord, a princess, a king, angels and fallen-angels make this an epic romance you will love from the start.When the Seraphim ruled the heavens, a vain angel dared to risk everything for the love of a human and paid the price of eternal damnation.Sold into slavery when he was six years old, Kai has never known love. As a grown man, he rebels and becomes the ruler of Blackhill where he rules with a firm hand. Now he needs alliances and a wife.King Garlan from Brightstone sends his envoy to request an alliance with the infamous warrior. The agreement is to offer his daughter's hand in marriage, Princess Eloise, in exchange for Kai’s support. Kai instantly falls for the beautiful princess and soon discovers he’s not the only one with a secret. The princess holds a power gifted to females on her mother’s side by the seraphim. Can Eloise save Kai and the town of Blackhill from the destruction of the fallen angel who is attacking the towns looking for revenge? What does the future hold for them?Join Kai and his friends on an epic journey which takes you in to a world of angels and the fallen.Amazon Top30 Hot New Release in Paranormal, Fantasy & Romance AudiobookCOVER ART BY JULIE NICHOLLS - AUTHORSDB.COM GOLD WINNER 2014 Angels and Demons - Paranormal Fantasy Romance