Fantazia: The Club You Won't Want To Leave: (Literature & Fiction United States Short Stories)

by Julie Nicholls

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Literature & Fiction United States Short StoriesElsa is a hard-working, single 35 year old woman who loves to read paranormal books. She hides herself away and lives every moment with her book boyfriends and as long as she has a never-ending supply of them, and wine, she appears to be happy. At least that what she tells herself. She’s brash and a control freak, constantly stressed and a bit of a bitch. Once her workday is over she retreats to her apartment, and escapes to the fantasy-land of her books to avoid relationships, despite secretly yearning to be involved with someone. It’s only after she meets Jasper that she learns she needs therapy, but this is a different kind of therapy - there’s no psychiatrist.At Club Fantazia, Elsa comes face to face with her fears and has to get over the inhibitions that hold her prisoner. Club Fantazia isn’t just any club and it's invitation only, but once you’re in, you learn its secrets and will never want to leave. Fantazia is the first book in this series, and you will learn a little of what goes on in this secret club. The owners and the workers are not like anyone else you’ve ever met.This is a mild BDSM, erotic, paranormal romance dealing with self-efficacy.So what are you waiting for? Put that paranormal book down and get yourself over to Fantazia, the club where you won’t want to leave.Elize Love also publishes as Julie NichollsOther genres available by this Author who writes as Julie NichollsLiterature & Fiction United States Short Stories, Demons and angels fantasy romanceAngel erotic romanceRomance: Paranormal Romance Fantasy Angels & Demons, Dealing with Self EfficacyUrban Fantasy Paranormal Romance