The Ink Masters' Street Report: A Street Lit. Anthology

by Honey Bee

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This is a Street Lit. Anthology by five women from different parts of America. This anthology has stories of several different forms of street life and crime. We start off in Newark :
Have you ever wondered what depression felt like? Enter the mind of Draya, a young woman who takes her circumstances and uses them against herself. A woman who'd rather live in her own world than face the harsh reality of real life. How will she deal with what life has given her?
Our Next stop is Detroit:
A young boy’s life takes a big turn when he gets a new babysitter. Becoming a man while still in a boys mind set is nothing but trouble for Leo and changes things in big way. He got much more than he bargained for and lost more than he could ever imagine. He is now on a deadly mission. Will Leo make it through his crazy digression?
Next we move on to Cincinnati:
Erick is living life to the fullest until one day when he runs into the man that will change his life forever. Meeting this man starts off rocky at first, then they come together to make things fall into place so that they both come out on top. But all that glitters is not gold!
Then we head to the deep south and hit Montgomery:
Neeka thought that after a few bank robbery jobs that she would be able to move on and attend AU University, but things never go as plan. Neeka had three other partners in her crime and one of them had a snitching sister and Neeka ends up in one of America’s top ten worst prisons. Neeka has to worry about the inmates and the guards. Find out what happens to Neeka when runs into some trouble with one of the inmates, a raciest guard and when she starts to catch feelings for a guard. Who dies, who lives and can love develop between a guard and an inmate. Life happens in prison and Neeka wants to share her story. You know you can't be in the south and not have that Georgia peach, so Atlanta is in the story as well:

Eight years ago, Ajoni Mitchell had no idea what she was really asking for when she approached a Kingpin about letting her join his crew the Blue Kings, which had complete control of the drug traffic in Mecca, Georgia. She just wanted a safety net for when her mother’s drug habit made them both hit rock bottom, but things went left during her initiation.
Calen Kingsley, AKA King and his crew got a ten year bid for it.
Now Ajoni has to go back to Mecca to deal with a crisis. This time she has no idea that the Blue Kings are being released early from prison one by one, or that a Kingpin’s obsession was still waitin