Feral Dream

by Talon P.S.

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Three men locked together by a forgotten ancient love bond.
Their fate, following them like a curse, until finally they find each other once more— only then can they be at peace with themselves.
But how does a Rougaroux, a Human and an amnesiac Immortal find each other in New Orleans and survive each other or the odds?

“It is one of the rare times that I find a book’s title fitting its contents so much. Feral Dream is exactly that, a feral, visceral dream. I absolutely loved and adored this book. It was so multidimensional and emotional and well… feral.” ~ Thomaidha Papa MM Good Books Reviews

Genre: MM/MMM/Paranormal Shifter/ Erotic Romance
Word Count: 64,396 (approx. equivalence of 145 pages)

Ever since their chance encounter, Talon can’t seem to get Kónán O’Connell off his mind— or his libido. The longing and allure to the potent and powerful alpha male has got him spun around, but when Talon’s grandfather calls to tell him about a dream, the attraction Talon has with Kónán just got complicated.
Kónán, is the Alpha Guardian at the Underground Keep, a safe haven and gathering spot for the paranormal, in the heart of New Orleans. Kónán is no stranger to the fondness of sex, but when a human man walks in and marks his soul, he’s not sure what to think about it. However, his Rougaroux Beast and his Wolf side have already made up their minds to make Talon their mate, the Man in Kónán just needs to find a way to make it happen without killing him.
Little did either man know, the solution to their mating and a long forgotten curse, comes in the body of an androgynous man named Mathygos Parthonis.