Goddess of Ivy: Serena the goddess

by Carol Madison


Serena the goddess is the second book in the Goddess of Ivy trilogy—rich with passionate, detailed sex interspersed throughout an equally detailed, compelling drama.

Serena had been a high school senior with no real plans and no real hope when her ex-boyfriend Sam came up with the idea to make her a very exclusive call-girl to help him pay his way through college. Then he tried to back out, but she made him follow through because she had nothing better to do, she needed the sex, and she wanted the money.
After graduating from high school and a boring summer, Sam’s plan brought her to Ithaca, New York, where he began attending Cornell as a business major, and had gotten her six regular customers from some of his wealthiest friends in his fraternity. As a result, she’d already earned a small fortune, with lots more to come, but there were three major complications.
The first issue was a standing marriage proposal from Stanley, who was sensually handsome and her richest customer, but so far she’d been unable to fall in love with him. A bigger complication was her attraction to Sam, but he had one failing that kept them apart. Unless Sam could overcome that, she knew she shouldn’t be with him—leaving her confused about whether she should accept Stanley’s proposal or keep seeing all six of her guys. Last, but not least, was a little problem with the police department…