Big Spoon & Teddy Bear

by Princess S.O.

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Gay Fiction / Mature-Bear Romance / Sports Theme / Healing / Adult Content

For years Gage has been turning men into steel, athletes into warriors of strength, competitors into medalists. But Gage isn’t looking for any more empty trophies, he’s looking for something far more meaningful.

When Gage takes a new job at an old gym, he doesn’t expect his entire life to get a workout, just a change of pace. At first it doesn’t seem like much and about the only plus is the endless view of rugged and well worked man-candy in the form of weightlifters and Strongman competitors that he’d be training and working with. He figures he has it made the minute he walks in the front door in that sense. But in truth, it isn’t enough. He wants a place to set down roots. More importantly, he wants someone to take root with.

Because he’s gay, Gage had always been told to just be happy with what he got, but there’s something about the gym manager, Boomer. A quiet, towering mountain of a Bear that Gage hoping for more than just daydreaming about the large furry physique. And that alone promises to put a spark back into the life of a lonely, freckled ginger.

You’re never too old for a teddy bear, right?

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