Goddess of Ivy: Serena's Plight

by Carol Madison


Serena’s Plight is the first book in the Goddess of Ivy trilogy—rich with passionate, detailed sex interspersed throughout an equally detailed, compelling drama.

Serena Loomis grows up poor, with an alcoholic mother and no father, but with Sam Everhart as her best friend. All she ever wanted was to become Serena Everhart, but a year after they begin having sex, Sam inexplicably begins to push her away, and finally breaks up with her. Abandoned by the only male she’s ever loved or felt loved by, they rarely speak as Serena starts going through boyfriends as fast as her mother, until she confronts a painful truth: Giving them everything isn't enough.

When Sam figures he can’t afford to finish college, he comes up with a plan to close his tuition gap by selling Serena’s considerable sexual favors to several trust-funded fraternity brothers, but when he starts to tell Serena about it, he changes his mind before he gets it out. Serena coerces him into divulging it after all, and it breaks her heart again.

After a sleepless night, Serena considers her lack of plans or hope for her future, and reluctantly decides she has no better option, and will pursue Sam’s idea as a necessary, but temporary compromise to secure her future. Serena has to pressure Sam into following through with it, but he does. Unfortunately for Sam, she seems to thrive under the new circumstances. Unfortunately for Serena, although her work provides numerous pleasures and occasional small triumphs, it’s a lot more difficult than she ever imagined, and getting worse, not better.