On the Trail of Darkness

by Ann Jacobs

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Marisa Delgado has always struggled to make a life for herself in the Cuban barrio of Miami, but the sultry beauty is driven to the edge of despair when her younger brother runs afoul of a drug lord’s enforcers, who demand that Marisa either pay off her brother’s debts—or watch him die. With time and hope running out, she meets the darkly handsome Claude d’Argent, a prince of the night who instantly captivates her and sets her heart and body on fire. Turning to him may be the only way to save her family and her life—it will also mean the ultimate sacrifice.

Claude d’Argent is the descendant of a long line of honorable vampires, but his clan is threatened by a dark and notorious vampire who is savagely attacking humans at every turn, inflaming mankind’s vengeance on all his kind. Claude vows to pursue and destroy this scourge at any cost, and the trail leads him to Marisa, a lusciously beautiful woman who stirs his blood in ways he’s never felt and fills him with a feverish sensual need. Indulging in Marisa’s dusky allure may free his heart—but endanger his quest, and his life.

Surrendering to their undeniable attraction, the two give themselves to each other fully in a burning haze of passion. And as unsurpassed pleasure turns to unconditional love, Marisa must decide whether to abandon her human life for an eternal one with Claude, and he must find a way to save Marisa and her brother so that he can also save himself and his people.

This novella is a fully revised and expanded edition of a story first told in Dance of Darkness.

About the Author:

Ann Jacobs is the author of more than one hundred romance novels, novellas, and short stories, including the Oil Barons series, the Hunting the Dark Lord vampire series, and the Gridiron Lovers series, among others. She lives in Tampa with her own personal hero, her youngest son, a sometimes neglected orchid collection, and four very spoiled and much-loved cats. She loves hearing from readers and tries to meet as many fans as possible at one or more conferences each year. You can read more about Ann at annjacobs.net.