Mandy can't stop: The full series

by Turgent

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What happens when a girl addicted to giving oral meets a guy who can keep up? Will she at least manage to behave at her friend’s pool party? Or in front of her girlfriends during movie night? What about in front of her own family? Will she get caught? What effect will this have on her friends, shy and inexperienced Nicole, and bitchy very-much-experienced brat Laura?
This is a story of sneaky public sex, discovery, getting caught, sex among friends, power struggles, angry sex, and features oral, anal and foot fetish sex.

This bundle contains all six books from the series:

Sneaky fun at the pool party (Mandy can’t stop #1)
Locked in the bathroom at a friend’s pool party, young and carefree Mandy discovers a taste for men. Now she can’t help but explore this new side of herself in a string of sneaky sessions in the middle of her best friend’s birthday. How long can she manage to keep her best friends, shy and inexperienced Nicole, and bitchy very-much-experienced brat Laura, unaware of her insatiable oral hijinks? Even while her friends ask her to stop and join them, even when she’s about to get caught in public, Mandy can’t stop.

Sneaky fun during movie night (Mandy can’t stop #2)
Cuddling with Josh in a couch, and with her friends Laura and Nicole distracted by a slasher movie, Mandy decides it’s the perfect time to pursue her oral urges. But when she’s forced to sit away from him, she tries to continue her mischief with her feet, a trick she learned from Laura and her foot fetish loving boyfriend. Will they get caught, or will Nicole and Laura remain blissfully unaware? Meanwhile, shy Nicole gets a little more than curious, and bitchy Laura gets a taste of what was coming to her.

Push-ups with Mandy and Nicole (Mandy can’t stop #3)
Mandy and Josh’s playful relationship has deepened, and they try new sex games to challenge each other’s endurance, like tease and denial, submission and dominance, and special toys to be worn all day long. Meanwhile, Nicole asks Mandy to help her get rid of her bad rep as “the innocent one”. At Josh’s house, his shower, and later a cinema, they will help each other reach new levels of intimacy and pleasure.
This story features ben wa balls, cum play, cock worship, butt plugs and anal sex, among other things.

Blackmail in the sauna (Mandy can’t stop #4)
“Can you give me a foot massage? An innocent one.”
Devious Laura knows that Mandy’s boyfriend Josh is crazy about her feet, and feeling diminished by her friends becoming more sexual than her, she corners him at the gym sauna and tries to regain the upper hand with a footsie. What she doesn’t know is, Josh has changed as well, and devious Laura has met her match. She asks him for a foot massage, and Josh agrees, if only to avoid a making scene in front of strangers. And the game is on. A steamy game of seduction, tricks, blackmail, female dominance, male dominance, a power struggle during public anal sex, and hard revenge sex.

Sneaky fun at the house party (Mandy can’t stop #5)
A year has passed since Mandy met Josh. It’s Laura’s birthday again, and this time, Mandy and Josh have a surprise for her. That is, if they can control themselves in front of the other guests and not ruin the party before that. Meanwhile, Nicole has changed as well, and she has a surprise of her own.
This story features sneaky public sex at a party, a power struggle between friends using sex as a weapon, and stealth anal action in front of others.

Thanksgiving with Mandy and her sister (Mandy can’t stop #6)
Could Mandy’s obsessions be rooted in her family?
Josh has seen Mandy become a full-on sex freak. Now, while visiting family for Thanksgiving, Mandy’s parents learn Mandy’s not their little girl anymore. She may even be a bigger disappointment than her younger sister Hannah, the black sheep of the family ever since she got caught having anal sex in her parents’ bedroom. Will Mandy’s oral hijinks risk them getting caught ag