Deceptive Liaison

by Becca Jameson

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After Madeline is attacked and nearly raped, she finds herself targeted by an escaped criminal. Soon she’s sequestered at a university under a secret identity while awaiting the capture of her dangerous attacker. As luck would have it, her new neighbor turns out to be a hunk who leaves her sexually frustrated night after night.Parker has one goal—protecting Madeline until her attacker is caught. He never banks on the sizzling sexual attraction that brings him to his knees. He tries to rein in his need and focus on the job, but they can’t stop the sensual pull to each other. Their passion is unleashed in a long, steamy night of sex. All hell breaks loose in the morning when the secrets between them are revealed and the two find themselves on the run.With the odds stacked against them and passions rising, Parker and Madeline must lay everything on the line in order to save their lives—and hearts.