Dragons of Lake City: M/M Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance Bundle

by Kellan Larkin

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Dragons of Lake City contains four full-length novels about sexy, mysterious dragons and the mates who love them!

1. A Baby for the DragonWesley Drach has been alone for nearly a century. But what's the point of all that wealth if you don't have anyone to share it with? That's what Wesley realizes when the handsome, clueless human Noah walks through his door. When Noah meets Wesley, CEO of the firm his company is working with, all he can think about is the brooding, aloof millionaire. The sparks fly and Noah gets pregnant. When Wesley discovers his long lost family, and the big secret of his shifter status is revealed, the budding relationship hits the rocks. Are the two destined to be together for life?

2. Detective for the DragonRock star Jared Scorch thinks his actress wife is cheating on him... So he hires fox shifter PI Nolan Vulpenn to get to the bottom of it. When Jared tries to get a divorce, his vindictive ex-wife makes his life hell, putting the brakes on his budding relationship with Nolan. On top of that, Jared's label fires him to protect their reputation. With his career in jeopardy and marriage in shambles, Jared hits rock bottom. When Nolan gets pregnant, he has to decide how he'll proceed. Will he try to make it work with the volatile rock star? Or will the burden of fame get between them?

3. Pregnant for the DragonPrince Damon of Vatravia needs an heir to the throne and fast—before his kingdom, a haven for dragon shifters all over Europe, is lost forever. When he hires Max to be his surrogate, he has no idea what he's in for. Max desperately needs the money from surrogacy to support his aging mother, but falling in love puts his job at risk. When Damon gets engaged to strengthen the case for his kingdom, and Max's mother has a heart attack, it seems like everything conspires to keep the pair apart. And into the middle of it all comes baby Lukas—the heir to the throne of Vatravia.

4. Fated for the DragonWolf shifter Sam thought he lost his one shot at love after the tragic passing of his fated mate. Now he's single-mindedly dedicated to his lifelong dream: becoming an archeologist. Professor Stephen has never felt the burn of desire that other dragons describe—until he meets Sam. He knows he risks breaking all the rules when he asks the bright student to help with his research project. Just when they make a momentous discovery, everything falls apart: their careers are thrown into jeopardy when Sam discovers he's pregnant... with a dragon shifter's baby.