Head Over Paws

by Rory Wilde

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One crazy moment will change his life...

After being brutally dumped, freelance designer Ollie Rookwood has shut himself off to being hurt again. After all, he's happy with just his sweet greyhound Bella for company. But when a stray dog attacks his faithful companion, all Ollie can think about is getting her help when he rushes to Lane Estates Animal Clinic. The last thing on his mind is the thought of meeting the man who can save his dog and his heart.

A warm heart and an open door...

After a series of failed relationships, veterinarian Harry Knowles has nearly given up on finding his soulmate. When Ollie runs into his clinic with a severely injured greyhound, Harry can't resist the aloof, tattooed man. After hiring Ollie to redo his clinic's logo, he discovers that he's falling for the lonely designer.

Helping each other blossom...

The only problem is that, despite their sizzling chemistry, Ollie doesn't seem to know that he's gay. Can Harry help him figure it out before he walks out of the clinic—and his life—for good? And will Bella and Harry's Shih Tzu mix, Betsy, ever get along?

Head Over Paws is a steamy gay romance novel with a HEA and no cliffhangers.