Laurie's Wolves

by Becca Jameson

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When Laurie Hamilton agrees to ski lessons from the third born Masters son, she is more than aware that the odds of him being her mate are great. She is equally aware that another man will make them a threesome.

Zachary Masters is also not shocked as he approaches Laurie that gorgeous sunny morning at the ski lodge. Considering both of his older brothers mated with both of her older siblings, chances were tremendous.

Corbin Archers, however, is blindsided. A Native American shifter from the reservation, he didn’t see this claiming coming. When he inadvertently agrees to deliver a few supplies to the cabin where Laurie and Zach are stranded, he gets the shock of a lifetime.

None of the three of them are stunned by the strange developments in and around the mountains where they live. They assimilate to the Native American spirit sightings with a level of understanding that has been growing for almost two years within both of their shifter communities.

That doesn’t make the day-to-day task of figuring out what the spirits want any easier. And tensions heighten as members of both the Caucasian and Native American communities rise up against them for mixing their races and living a ménage lifestyle many do not approve of.

When Laurie becomes convinced her presence is causing much of the unrest, both with nature and among the residents of both towns, she takes matters into her own hands and leaves town.

The only problem with that is—mates cannot separate. Their souls are fated to unite. It takes only days for this to become obvious to all three parties, and Laurie returns to town just in time to help the hundreds of stranded skiers caught in a blizzard at the resort.

Nature makes Her statement—as She always does. What does She want? And when will She be satisfied?