Innocent No More: A Billionaire First Time Romance

by Juniper Reed

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Madeline tends to judge every guy she meets before giving them a fair chance. The moment she finds something she doesn’t like about a guy, she turns him down. She calls it her ‘voice of reason’, when actually she’s just afraid.

It’s no wonder she’s thirty and still hasn’t found a man she’ll set aside her fear of sex for.

On her way home from yet another unsuccessful evening she is not just disappointed, but getting drenched by a torrential downfall too, when suddenly she is shielded from the rain by an extremely handsome man with a sparkle in his eyes that makes her stomach turn. There is absolutely nothing about his gorgeous face that she can turn him down for and she wonders whether this is the man she’s been waiting for all this time.

This story features light BDSM, lots of teasing and an unforgettable first time.