Power of the Pen

by Xyla Turner

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Power of the Pen is an interracial, BWWM, standalone romance novel.
Lauren James blogs under the name MzJames. Her blog has won a few awards, but some of her notoriety came from her arch enemy, Z. Hays. He's a famous Indie Author, whose BDSM books have taken over the literary world. Since Lauren has made it her mission to critique his work and spread her dislike for it to anyone that will listen - she finds that she is now on his radar.

Zach Hughs is an independent author whose overnight success has brought a lot of attention, including one blogger who seems to have it out for him and his work. He writes under the name, Z. Hays. Being a bestseller, he expects to have some haters but this blogger really gets under his skin with the personal attacks. After a little too much to drink, he decides to confront her online which does not end well for either of them.

With a chance encounter at a bar, Lauren meets a new man that opens her mind to new things she had only read about in Z. Hays’ book. Zach pieces together that his new obsession Lauren happens to be MzJames but decides to keep it a secret.

Watch what happens when two internet adversaries enter a relationship together, not knowing the other is the enemy.