Innocent Captive

by Q. Zayne

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Deep inside hidden Mayan ruins, an ancient Evil with an unspeakable hunger for virginity and blood waits to hear Blair scream.
Even the most trusted mature men have breaking points, the final crack when the deepest moral sense gives way to the inner beast. What happens when no one Blair thought she knew can be counted on as safe?

My girlfriend Lena’s missing in the Amazon jungle. I go after her with a too-close billionaire and Jace springs secret surprises on me in the world of the ancient Mayans: an authoritative man from my past and a frightening, perverse relic. Our expedition feels cursed.

In the remote jungle, more than one forbidden man wants my untouched body. And a long-dormant evil wants my life and my soul.
My secret desires threaten greater dangers than the brutal men I thought I knew. Twisted rituals on a secret altar could bring our world to an end. Or save us all.
This novelette-length episode ends on a cliffhanger. The story continues in the forthcoming second episode of the Mayan Apocalypse serial.
All characters are 18+ and readers should be, too, due to sexual content, dark themes and disturbing imagery. Trigger warning.