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Sweet Spot: A Bad Boy Sports Romance

Rae Lynn Blaise

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I'm the bad boy party animal on the team & lovin' it...all the way to a night in jail. "If I do this for you, it's the last time. Here is how you will prove to me that it's the last time. No more flings. No more parties. No more absolutely anything. You live for two things-practice and games. Give me your word."With those words, Coach Halstead bailed me out one final time. I guess I can't help it if I'm baseball's favorite bad boy. Until I meet Coach's daughter...young, innocent, sexy-as-hell and pure-as-sunshine Ally."You gonna score a run for me?" she asks. And because I just. Cannot. Resist. A pretty face. I say yes.Am I about to lose coach's trust, my career, and this girl? Or can I hit the sweet spot?

Erotic Romance New Adult Romance
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