TRAITOR: A Military Romance Novel

by Leila Haven

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Just when I thought the situation on base couldn’t get any worse… that’s when she showed up.

A one time thing. That’s what she was supposed to be, just like every girl before her. A quick hookup before I was shipped back to the warzone. One last drink from the forbidden fountain before being cut off.

Too bad the world has a vendetta against me. First, the men I lay down my life to fight beside everyday think I’m a traitor. Now she’s here, with that smokin’ hot body, digging into my life to see if their accusations hold.

I always knew feelings complicated things, but saying that now would be an understatement. If I don’t learn to keep my hands off her and get my thoughts in check, both of our careers are going to go up in flames.

Traitor is a standalone romance with hot sex, strong language, and an HEA.
Each book in the Military Men series can be read as a standalone, however we recommend readers start with HOSTILE (