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Ride: Pleasure Your Cowboy

Kenzie Haven

4.0 Stars
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My naughty cowboy hadn’t tended to me for days. He was testing me, teasing me. Each time we were in the same room he would drive me wild on purpose, relishing in how badly I wanted it.

I think he got off on it. To watch me squirm with a simple touch. I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed to be alone with him again.

Finally, an opportunity presented itself and I made damn sure not to miss it. I couldn’t wait to finally be under his control again. This time though, he had something different in mind.

This is part 2 of the Taken on the Ranch series (amazon.com/dp/B00RR5PCUE):
1. Caught in the Barn (amazon.com/dp/B00R298H3O)
2. Ride
3. Cowboy Wild (amazon.com/dp/B00RM5SGHU)

Erotic Romance Contemporary Romance New Adult Romance
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Ridden Hard

by Shyalwayz

It been three days since Bryce and Mel have been together. And she can't wait to get her hands on him again. Every time she's around him she soaking wet from all the teasing his doing to her. Bryce has decided that they are going to have a quickie to help release some of the tension that is building in them. As they are parting to go back to work, he tells her that he will have her once more before the day is out. And he plans good on his promise. He sneaks into her room that night that she shares with two other people. Will they get caught by the roommates?

I liked this book. This was a very quick read. I think I will be adding Kenzie to my favorite authors list. I recommend this book and series to others.