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Cowboy Wild: Rough & Ready

Kenzie Haven

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In the beginning we promised to keep things strictly sexual. However, the realization that we would soon be parting ways had me questioning what I actually wanted.

The end of Summer meant it was time for the local rodeo. After winning the bull riding competition, women all around us couldn't keep their eyes off of Bryce; they all wanted a piece of him. It was too bad for them though, because his eyes were trying to undress me the entire time.

Deep down I knew that Bryce could never be tamed but maybe it didn't have to be goodbye forever. For now, I was just going to enjoy the rope tied tightly around my ankles and my strong cowboy between my legs.

This is part 3 of the Taken on the Ranch series (
1. Caught in the Barn (
2. Ride (
3. Cowboy Wild

Erotic Romance Contemporary Romance New Adult Romance
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End of Summer

by Shyalwayz

It's the end of summer, which means two things. One is that it's rodeo time. And two is that it's the end of Bryce and Mel's summer fling. Bryce has entered the bull riding competition and he won. Now all the females eyes are on him but he is only looking at Mel. After the rodeo he takes her to the hoedown for a date. Then after that they go star gazing where they both see more stars than the ones in the sky? Will this be the last time that they will see or be with each other?

I liked this series. I finished all three books in three days. You will find yourself pulled into the story the more you read it. I recommend this book and series to others.