Snatched: Taken By The Gay Dom Next Door

by Jesse Fuchs

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I told myself I’d never go back to him after finally giving in to the urges two months ago. Once was enough, that was all I needed… at least, that’s what I tried to convince myself to believe.

No matter how much progress I made, the cravings continued to test me. I still hid below his open window, listening intently to the groans of pleasure he brought to man after man as I desperately tried to satisfy myself. It was no use. I needed the real thing. When I saw him at the mall everything fell apart.

Please note: This book has been professionally remastered from its original form to sate the naughty appetite of man on man readers. It can be found in its original form as Taken by Jamie Fuchs.

This is part 2 of His Neighbour's Secret (
1. Tied Up (
2. Snatched
3. Man Handled (
4. Escaped (

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