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Gay Rebel 4: Forced into Hiding

Jesse Fuchs

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“It's time to ride,”—words that usually spell trouble in the biker world. The gang jumps to their feet, and Mr. Cook ensures that I don’t ride with him again. I don’t understand how he manages to stay so distant from me all the time, especially since I stay at his house every night.

As we approach our destination, I can see the enemy bikes in a line outside of a building. We park behind them and kill our engines, waiting for their riders to come outside. My stomach drops out as I quickly realize that things are about to get ugly.

The encounter forces Mr. Cook and I to go into hiding until things blow over. Now that we’re alone, will he finally tell me what’s going on and why he’s avoiding me?

This is part 4 of the Gay Rebel ( series:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
-Part 4-
Part 5:
Part 6:

Please note: This book has been professionally remastered from its original form to sate the naughty appetite of man on man readers. It can be found in its original form as Rebel: Forced into Hiding by Jamie Fuchs.

Erotic Romance LGBT LGBT Romance
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