Gay Rebel 6: Out of the Shadows

by Jesse Fuchs

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They say all good things come to an end. I didn't want to believe that. I wanted to believe that what we had was special.Mr. Cook rode off on his bike, leaving a crater in my heart. A hole so big that I knew nobody else would ever be able to fill it. I missed the lifestyle and the gang, but most of all I missed him. Sadly, his many years as a Rebel gave him the ability to completely disappear on a moment's notice.I couldn't afford to cry forever though. Using my experience as a biker boy, I managed to land a job at the local biker shop. If I was lucky, maybe Mr. Cook would even come out of the shadows and re-ignite the fire that once burned so hot between us.This is part 6 of the Gay Rebel seriesPlease note: This book has been professionally remastered from its original form to sate the naughty appetite of man on man readers. It can be found in its original form as Out of the Shadows by Jamie Fuchs.