by Reese Patton

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I never planned on falling for her...

Mike Bishoff never left Copperwood. He wanted to, but reality conquered his dreams. For over ten years he's hidden his dream from his friends. Strong, protective, and sexy, he's spent the last decade wondering what might have been, until the woman of his dreams starts knocking down the walls protecting his secrets.

I never planned on letting him get close...

Kirstin Prescott ran to Copperwood and away from her father - the man who almost destroyed the town she now calls home. Convinced her friends will hate her if they ever learn her secrets, she hides behind a fake name. Then she falls for the one man who's determined to pick away at the walls protecting her secrets and she might need to run again.

Sometimes you have to stop running away from the secrets of your past and run towards a future full of unspoken promises in PICK - a Copperwood Novel.