My Boyfriend is a Monster

by J.h. Coates

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Her ex-boyfriend beat on her. The new guy might literally eat her. Boy can Lily pick them.

After fleeing her abusive boyfriend, Lily tries to salvage what’s left of a life she has always dreamed of. That’s when she meets Nathan. By appearance, he is the perfect man to save her; however, what she doesn’t know about him might literally kill her.

Nathan is no ordinary being, but rather a beast from a barbaric and tragic past that has unfolded throughout time. Set against modern day Chicago, these two are about to have their violent worlds collide. Vendettas are set in motion, and relationships are put to the test. If true love can conquer all, Lily and Nathan must confront the monsters in their lives.

The new fantasy novel from J.h. Coates provides a slew of Kill Bill-like characters; and, deals out as much action, sex, comedy, and suspense, as any True Blood episode might. The multiple plot lines all converge to a Shakespearean-style climax, setting up multiple chapters in the series.