Hidden No More

by Nicole Colville

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Jamie has remembered his powerful hidden love of Scot and what the loss of it drove him to do is too much for the unstable Jamie to cope with. He is locked in a prison, but it’s not the hospital in which he is living in, it’s a prison of his own making, his mind. Two months of solitude have given Jamie the time to work through everything that he has hidden within himself and now he sees his life as it truly is. His past and the truths hidden in it are no hidden no more.

Realising he has become a different person forces Jamie to rethink his relationship with both Scot and Valerio. Neither are what he deserves, neither can provide him with everything he needs. And the idea of just walking away from both of them and forgetting love altogether, forgetting everything seems the easy way out. But Jamie has a decision to make, he has shared his life with two men for too long, it’s time to choose.

Shall he continue on with his beloved beautiful Valerio and try to work through their issues? If so what side of Valerio will prevail? The beautiful trusting, innocent side, or the controlling dominant jealous side. Scot Victore is the partner Jamie deserves in so many ways, he would never deny him, never force him to do anything. He's always been there, always loved him but is it enough? Has it ever been enough? Jamie and Scot have to decide if either of them can forgive the mistakes of their past, but is forgiveness possible when both feel so betrayed by each other? Scot and Jamie shared a passion that neither of them can experience with anyone else but it’s dangerous and all encompassing, relentless, obsessive. Will they lose each other or find each other this time?

Follow Jamie, Scot and Valerio through the most painful and heartbreaking part of their lives. Only after feeling this pain can they all find true happiness.