Hidden Child

by Nicole Colville

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To hide the pain, he forgot his past.

Jameson Connor lives in rural Ireland with his loving Grandparents and his beautiful Mummy, Calista. Jamie tells his story in the words of a child. He is four when he begins to understand that his mummy isn’t like other mummies, and people treat him differently for being her son.

See the world through the words of a child, a painful and confused heartbroken child who doesn’t understand why his mummy changes so suddenly. He doesn’t understand where good mummy goes or why bad mummy comes to stay. All he knows is that his mummy loves him. She doesn’t want to hurt him, she wants to protect him. But when protection turns to obsession Jamie isn’t safe.

Split between two separated parents in different countries and stuck in the middle of a messy legal battle for custody, Jamie is torn between his love for both his Mummy and Daddy.

*Hidden Child can be read as a standalone book, or the first to the series*