Hidden Truths

by Nicole Colville

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A popular new series from Nicole Colville.

“A bittersweet love story.” “Complex characters.” “A rollercoaster of a ride, with so many twists & turns I felt dizzy.” “Addictive.”

Jamie Burton, an OCD controlled, cold, openly gay English Skier, falls for the outgoing, beautiful, sexually confused Italian Moto GP bike racer, Valerio Capelli. Despite both of them ignoring their obvious attraction for each other, they can’t hold back the passion they both experience when they meet. Jamie doesn’t want a relationship, at the age of twenty two he’s never felt anything close to love for another person, but Valerio is helping Jamie break all his rules, and for the first time Jamie begins to think about a future with the sexy Italian.

Moving forward means both of the men looking back into their painful pasts. Both have hidden the truth for so long. Both can help heal the other. But to heal they have to share their secrets. Slowly Valerio begins to see Jamie lies about his past, even to himself. Does Jamie really not see the truth about his own life, or is he lying to Valerio?

Set against the backdrop of the cities of Monte Carlo, London and the beautiful snow covered mountains of Switzerland, meet three men who are fighting their way through the hidden truths of their complicated pasts. Their lives are intertwined in more ways than they can see, and only working through the truths hidden deep within each of them can they free themselves, and find the love that they are searching for. Each of them need the other in a way not even themselves can understand.