Hidden Deceit

by Nicole Colville

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Scot and Jamie have been married for less than a year when the cracks in their relationship become gaping holes. Monte Carlo is full of rumours about them. Both are accused of having affairs. Both mistrust each other.

Jamie is ill and no one understands why. His past makes Scot believe he is hiding something, and that something is an affair with his sexy, dark haired private guard, Davide.

When Jamie and Davide disappear in Switzerland, Scot fails to see the truth and believes he has finally pushed Jamie too far. Pushed him into the waiting arms of Davide.

Kidnapped and being held against their will, Jamie and Davide are forced to be closer than either of them can bear. The attraction they share for each other is hard to keep at bay, even with the mystery of their imprisonment hanging over their heads.

Trying to unravel Jamie’s disappearance, Scot is thrown deeper into the dark past of his father and he has to work through the painful emotions he still has within him. When Scot believes he has no one left who he can trust. Someone returns to his life who he had long since buried. Someone who can help return Jamie to him, but at what cost?

****Deceit must be read after the others books in The Hidden Series.****