Hidden Trust

by Nicole Colville

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Jamie and Scot are desperately trying to work through the traumatic events of the last two months, but the painful truth is they can't do this alone.

Scot is trying his best to support his husband. Trying not to hate what happened between Davide and Jamie while they were held prisoner. Davide was the enemy—the one who Scot saw as the bad guy in all this. The one he could blame all his relationship problems on to, but as Scot slowly gets to know the man behind the handsome face, the stern exterior and the hottest body he's ever seen, he's forced to look inside himself and see the truths he still can't bear to think about.

Jamie loves Scot and Davide equally. Is it too much to ask for them all just to get along? Being stuck in between two stubborn, domineering, strong minded men is exhausting, and not in the way Jamie had hoped. The only way they can move on, is if they move on together, and Scot and Davide seem determined to not let that happen.
When Jamie's plotting to move them forward as a threesome comes to light, Scot and Davide finally agree on something—that will never happen. Scot’s shared Jamie before and it hurt like hell. There's no way he can do it again. No matter how much he desires Davide sexually—love isn't going to grow between them.

Davide already loves Jamie—loves him in a way he has never experienced before. He gave his life for Jamie and he'd do it again in a heartbeat, but he can barely keep a relationship together with two people, let alone three. The idea of trying to make a ménage work between them all is just a fantasy—one which he's not sure he wants to take part in.
He wants to leave—let Scot and Jamie work things out, but the more he pulls away, the more they struggle. Davide finds himself in a position he never thought he would be in—in between two men he desires more than anyone else, but not able to have either.

A journey of two, trying to become three.