Hidden Monster: Halloween 2014

by Nicole Colville

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Hidden Monster - Halloween Novella 2014

Every year Gray Victore throws the biggest Halloween Ball in Monaco. This year he is throwing a masquerade ball for three hundred people. Anyone and everyone is going, but all Gray has eyes for is his dark angel, Alexander Burton. It’s been ten years since their fated meeting at Alex’s very first F1 race.

They have complicated lives, filled with too many children to count, two understanding wives and their careers to think about and Gray and Alexander struggle to find time for just each other. After a month apart, their hunger for each other can’t be delayed any longer.

When Alexander meets Gray’s eyes from across the crowded dance floor, it’s just as white hot and powerful as the first time they laid eyes on each other. Even behind their masks, they both see the heat and lust building up between them. Gray is more than ready to play, and Alexander—his forever faithful slave—is always ready to serve.

One Halloween. One night. One beautiful Monster. One dark Angel.