Knights to Remember: Book Nine

by Nicole Colville

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“Do you think if you did live through this, your attitude would survive, or would the memories of what you’ve gone through break you in half?”

As Sebastian fights to maintain everything is ‘fine’ it seems the only one he’s fooling is himself. Family and friends rally around, offering support and love, but Seb has built high walls around himself.

Fractured memories slowly invade his life, causing Sebastian to recall his nightmare over and over with no escape. It feels like nowhere is safe and only with Robert can he let his guard down. He’s determined to win—to beat the person who hurt him and move on, but moving forward can’t happen until he opens his heart and lets the pain out.

When Dominque unexpectedly arrives, Sebastian discovers the pair have more in common than he would have ever thought, and slowly those walls begin to crumble.