Deception of the Magician

by A.L. Tyler

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This is Part 2 of 3 of the Waldgrave series.

Lena Collins has nearly adjusted to her new life with the Silenti. However, a part of her still wishes her previous life of carefree traveling had never ended.

The Silenti won't allow her to leave Waldgrave unescorted, and she never ventures far. Some of them claim it's for her own protection. The rest will never trust a Daray--not after the veil of lies and secrecy that the elderly Master cast over their society.

Deciding that there is only one way to make them trust her, Lena decides to embark on a mission to return an ancient--and potentially deadly--relic to the Council's possession.

However, Lena soon discovers that not everyone is happy about the possibility of the portal's recovery, and some of them are willing to kill to make sure that the portal is never seen again.

And before it's all over, Lena will learn a secret so destructive that it could send the Silenti world spiraling into chaos.