Rocky Peaks: The Journey Home: A Second Chance Romance

by Nicole Colville

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Rancher and part time rodeo rider, Austin, left the sleepy mountain town in Rocky Peaks for a military career, with hopes and dreams of finding a more exciting life than the one offered to him in the rural farming area he grew up in. He spent years searching for something he thought was missing, only to find that life outside the small town wasn't everything he expected, and he realized his heart would always belong in Rocky Peaks and to the man he left behind.

Coming home from several years in the Army, he can't wait to settle down, and he hopes life will be how it was before he left, especially with his best friend and lover, Travis, but he fears they might have grown apart through the years.

When Austin surprises everyone by coming home early, emotions are high, and as the two friends are reunited, he hopes that leaving didn't change things between them, and he can somehow show Travis that after traveling the world, there’s no place like home.

This is a standalone novella with a happy-ever-after and no cliff hangers.