Moxie Girl

by Jemma Bell

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Layla King is a free spirit. Her lifestyle and attitude are just as colorful as the tips of her spiked hair and vast collection of Doc Martens.
She’s only ever relied on and trusted one person, her best friend Amy. That is until she meets Riven. He’s a guy that if she’s not careful will break down her walls and see the real person she’s hiding inside. When things get too heavy for Layla to handle she kicks Riven to the curb.
Riven is a happy go lucky goofball, he tries to take very little in life seriously. Layla is everything he’s ever wanted in a girl, sexy, beautiful, spunky, honest to the point of pain and she just broke his heart.
Finding a way to live without one another is proving impossible. All other girls pale in comparison to Layla’s spark and all other guys fall way too short compared to Riven. They both want what they think they can’t have, each other.
Just when it seems like Riven and Layla can start living without each other, life throws them the biggest curveball of all time. Will they come together and have their happily ever after or will they go their separate ways with shattered hearts?