Chasing Lyrics

by Debbie Dickerson

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Is it possible to find your soulmate at thirteen years old?
Dylan Brooks was an awkward thirteen year old when she and her dad moved into the house next door to the Staff family. Moving to Beaumont Texas after her Mom died was the last place she wanted to live, but her Dad knew they needed a change.
Tanner Staff was fourteen years old and stood over six feet tall, not awkward at all. When his Mom insisted he walk with Dylan on her first day of school, nobody could have predicted the friendship they would develop.
Sixteen years pass and they remain inseparable best friends. Living in the same apartment complex in Austin Texas, Dylan writes songs and Tanner sings them. When they discover that the only secret they have kept from one another is their true desires to be more than just best friends, all bets are off.
As fate would have it, a huge modeling contract takes Tanner around the world for six months. Can their new found love withstand the distance? Will Jennifer Temple, the well-known notorious model that is on his shoot, get her way and tear them apart?

Chasing Lyrics is the first book in the Music & Lyrics Series!